You know the rest. You can’t make it drink. Though hurtful, we must face this truth as we try to tell our people about the future possibilities of generational wealth through bitcoin.

One problem we have is how we talk about it. Confused minds don’t move. It makes sense if you think about it. Why would I make a move if I don’t clearly know what I’m doing? I need to make sure I protect myself. I limit myself to how I’ve always protected me. My limiting beliefs (limited only because I’m unexposed to different experiences) tell me that I’ll always be broke. Even if shown how others are actually creating wealth today, it can’t happen for me because it never has before.

The next problem we have is that many of us who are drinking the Koolaid about bitcoin, feel some kinda way when people suggest it’s a scam. It’s hard to explain how this is even possible for Black people to have access if it’s so valuable. Especially when we can get it for the small fractional cost of say ten bucks in CashApp?

We are disbelieved and it doesn’t feel good. It feels like an attack and we start to shrink away. We shrink so far, women in particular, that we question ourselves and our own belief in this bitcoin thing. We ask, Am I being a fool for investing in this? I don’t even really know what the hell it is to be honest. Why can’t they just do it because they know I love them and wouldn’t hurt them? What do they have to lose? Why don’t they want to come up?

Realize that they simply don’t believe in themselves or that they have the power to change their circumstances. It has very little to do with you as the messenger. In fact, if you’re the only one in the family that’s always done well, your only role is to be an ATM anyway. No respect. Think about it. How often do they call you to just check on you? Probably never. Most calls start and end with hey I need help on my rent.

It’s crazy how people get mad at you because you give them a lecture when they keep coming to you to bail them out of stupid stuff they keep doing. You don’t want to see your nephews and nieces in a shelter, so you help. Repeatedly, you help. It’s no surprise you want to get them into a better financial position in the future. But of course you do! So you turn them on to bitcoin and encourage them to invest. But they won’t. Instead, they say so-and-so says it’s a scam. And now you’re feeling some kind of way. You start doubting You!...the irony of it all.

I’m reading Mark Douglas’ book called Trading in the Zone-Master the Market with Confidence, Discipline and a Winning Attitude. Although it’s written for stock market traders, it’s a brilliant book about managing the mindset as the basis for success. In this book he posits, that once we form a belief we can never destroy it. Once we absorb a belief, we wrap ourselves in it and it becomes a safety blanket, even if it’s stunting access to what we seek. These beliefs resist any effort to alter their present form.

Beliefs can be altered but we need to understand how to work with them. They need to be transformed, not eradicated. Beliefs become part of our identity and so a challenge to our beliefs is a challenge to our very existence. This is not to be taken lightly. Emotionally sensitive issues, like whether or not we are financially secure is incredibly fragile territory. Questioning ourselves is very scary. Questioning from others is downright threatening.

I hear what you’re thinking. Oh my God so now I gotta be a therapist to help this person change their money situation and be able to take care of themselves and their family? I didn’t sign up for this! Right?

Right. The secret is to transfer the energy stored in the belief. We can move the energy from one belief into another alternate concept. We can form a new belief. No, I’m not still talking about the nonbeliever in your life. I’m talking about you and your beliefs that you can change them. You need to change You.

Here’s a new mantra for you. “I will place the oxygen mask over my mouth and nose before assisting others.” You need to get the bank! if you’re nearing retirement age and have spent your life taking care of grown folks and not focusing on making sure you’ll have enough to carry you to the grave should it take a long time. Ouch. That’s a little harsh.

It’s the truth. We are living longer but getting poorer as older Americans. Older folks are not revered and honored while we are living. Those words are uttered once we’re dead and can’t hear them. Continue in your role with grace as the one blessed to always have more than she/he needs. At least you won’t have to worry about being on the street yourself. Not sure if you know it, but the number of homeless people over 50 is growing.

Here’s how to get around this. Call the people who call you for money. Call them right at their payday. Tell them you need them to let you hold that twenty dollars and you can’t pay it back. When they say ok, because they will, tell them to put it in Cashapp and buy some bitcoin. Say it’s yours and you’ll get it later. Tell them to just hold it there and don’t touch it. Then you keep calling them for twenty dollars, same way they would call you. Just get there first.

If they watch it fall it’s ok. They’re not feeling like They lost, they’re feeling like You lost. If they see it grow, which we know odds are great that it will, they will feel like they lost because it’s not theirs. When they call you to ask about what’s going on and how is this money growing in that account, that’s when you can explain it and then “give” it to them. That’s when your message resonants, when they come asking for it. Not when you want to sing it from the mountain top. Focus. Focus on you. They are watching. Build it and they will come.

Oh yeah and remember to tell them to make sure they file their taxes and check the box saying they invested in cryptocurrency. But save that part for tax time. Baby steps. Lol

CryptoSoulFood is a new convert, bitcoiner and hodler. In true fashion, I want to show the truth and the light and share it with anyone who feels me on that. I especially want to affect the Black community by helping to find wealth building tips and providing tricks to access those solutions. Whether it’s how to get down-payment help to buy a home or how to pay off debts to make room to build your bitcoin stash, I’m here for it. But make no mistake, I am NOT a financial advisor and in fact; I need one! I write to edu-tain you on the cool stuff that I come across. If you have questions you want answered simply, or if you want to see a specific bitcoin topic covered, or to just say hello, please shoot an email to