WakeUp with Bitcoin & Bitcoin Basics for Beginners

WakeUp with Bitcoin & Bitcoin Basics for Beginners

Making the top ten list for crypto clubs on Clubhouse is no easy feat. Black Bitcoin Billionaires took over the Clubhouse application last year, touting hundreds of thousands of members and many rooms for people of color to navigate the bitcoin ecosystem better. The proof is in the pudding that BBB has great moderators that cater to an exponentially growing African American audience looking for education on bitcoin. There are rooms for baby boomers, returning citizens from prison, and even bitcoin 101 for the early birds. Dr. Shalair, who is brilliant in her own right in the medical field, blesses members on their morning commutes with bitcoin basics for beginners. Please do not get it misconstrued Shalair has earned her spot as an elite crypto educator. Interested people can find the work and tireless effort Shalair brings as a thought leader in the Wall Street Journal and Boston Fox 25 News, plus much more.

Every morning at 7:00 am EST; you can tune into Clubhouse and learn what bitcoin is, how it works and how to invest in the asset with the guidance of Dr. Shalair. The best thing about newbies to the bitcoin space is that they ask questions everyone wants to know. The independence from central banking is key to understanding the beginnings of Bitcoin, which is facilitated by other moderators in the room like Black Regal or Crypto Granny, giving a different perspective to people who may become flummoxed about how bitcoin can better their lives.

I believe early risers to anything, whether breakfast or bitcoin, always have a great start to the day. The room focuses on bitcoin primarily, which Dr. Shalair eloquently states in her introduction. I love the morning wake-up QA segment, and the breakdown of cryptocurrency and economic definitions are always good intellectual refreshers. If you are new to bitcoin or are curious how to get off zero with digital asset investing, I recommend you grab a coffee and check it out. Join Black Bitcoin Billionaires on Clubhouse to gain access to rooms like the one mentioned in this article plus so much more.

For those that want to start the morning off with bitcoin basics, please feel free to tune in here:

WakeUp with Bitcoin & Bitcoin Basics for Beginners 🥓🍳🧀🍑🍉🥭 - Black Bitcoin Billionaires
Wednesday, January 19 at 7:00am EST with Shalair, Justin Rhedrick, NAJAH ROBERTS, BlackRegal. Come learn the Basic fundamentals of Bitcoin with Dr Shalair Armstrong👩🏽‍⚕️and the BBB! What’s a Bitcoin🤔..Where to buy and much more to start you on your journey in the space🌌. Join me M-F at 7am EST…

Dawdu M. Amantanah