The Voice of Bitnob: Bitcoin, Remittances, & Gaming- Mary Imasuen

The Voice of Bitnob: Bitcoin, Remittances, & Gaming- Mary Imasuen

Welcome to The Bitcoin Source: A Bitcoin Conversation! Howdy, your favorite Black Bitcoin Billionaire writer and content creator, Dawdu here to bring you a unique perspective on the world of bitcoin and what it means for people all over the globe. I aim to educate our listeners on why they should invest in Bitcoin and explore its potential as an alternative investment opportunity.

Each week I will be interviewing guests from around the world with expertise and experience with Bitcoin. From developers, investors, entrepreneurs, politicians — even educators — each guest will provide unique insight into this revolutionary technology. The Bitcoin Source podcast episodes can be found online or on Youtube, so you never miss hearing what these experts say about this new form of currency.

This week I interviewed Mary Imasuen. Mary is an advocate for Bitcoin in Africa and beyond. She’s the host of Bitnob’s Nobcast, covering topics from Bitcoin adoption to its importance for women, all with her signature “gamer-meets-creative” style! Joining The Bitcoin Source podcast recently, she explored how Nigeria has embraced cryptocurrency through dollar cost average wallet like Bitnob — a application designed specifically for African businesses and investors.

It’s clear why this outspoken leader on digital money has become one of the continent’s most influential voices: inspiring us all to look at bitcoin content creation differently so we can maximize our potential opportunities soon! So join us at The Bitcoin Source and prepare for a journey through the many aspects of bitcoin that could shape your financial future!

Here is the full interview if anyone is interested.