The Proof Of Greed Protocol & How to Avoid Becoming a Block Reward.

The Proof Of Greed Protocol & How to Avoid Becoming a Block Reward.
Photo by FLY:D / Unsplash

I and my co-host Charlene Fadirepo have been hosting Scam & Security mindset awareness sessions inside of BBB for nearly a year now. We have been able to create a space where people can feel comfortable being transparent, because of this I have been able to get tons of different perspectives on how things went wrong causing victims to be scammed.

This is when I realized just as much as Bitcoin has a proof of work protocol, scammers have what I coined as "The Proof Of Greed Protocol".

Think about the math involved, they email, dm, post millions of messages daily with promises of riches and wealth overnight. The marketing that scammers use is completely irrational & illogical on purpose, their target audience is actually people who think illogical and irrational financially. Because of receptiveness to this type of messaging gives them proof of your greed. From here the only step left is to verify your greed by offering to take your money off your hands so they can make you rich(poor) with some fake investment strategy or platform.

The strongest defense against this is to never entertain unsolicited messaging of any kind, on any social media platform or email for that matter. You can never be scammed from messages you never entertain. Be logical, nothing coming easy without doing the work! Nobody who is creating generational wealth for themselves has time to message you unsolicited. Lastly please understand that our mindset when investing is just as important as investing itself.

-Black Regal