The Power of Stacking Sats

The Power of Stacking Sats

With the rise of Bitcoin, more and more people are looking to invest in this digital revolution. But for many African Americans and Latinx, there is a unique set of economic, political, historical, and social implications that come with adopting Bitcoin as a store of value. Enter Black Bitcoin Billionaire (BBB), the largest, most diverse organized group of individual Bitcoiners on the planet. Through this vibrant new book titled Stacking Sats is the New Black, I explored how social clubs like theirs can change the narrative for people of color when investing in cryptocurrency, ideally Bitcoin.

The Benefits of Joining Black Bitcoin Billionaire

Black Bitcoin Billionaires provides an online platform where anyone can learn about Bitcoin while connecting with like-minded individuals worldwide. When you join their club, you will access exclusive resources such as the latest news, crash courses on crypto investing strategies, cybersecurity, and even the opportunity to connect with influential people in the space. All these tools are designed to help members through doing their own research make informed decisions regarding investing in bitcoin.

The BBB social club also strongly emphasizes community building and diversity. With 152k members and growing, this club is not just for people of color but everyone who wants to learn more about bitcoin and find ways to invest successfully. Furthermore, they provide resources specifically tailored for marginalized folks who want to get involved in this digital revolution but may need access or knowledge about how to do so safely and securely.

Stacking Sats is the New Black — The Book

Stacking Sats is the New Black — The book dives deep into how bitcoin can be used as a tool for financial freedom by leveraging its decentralized nature and open-source protocols. This read showcases stories from prominent African Americans locally and abroad within the bitcoin space highlighting their success stories and personal struggles during their journey towards wealth building through bitcoin investments. It also offers an inspiring insight into what it means for marginalized communities worldwide who have been denied access to traditional banking services or investment opportunities due to systemic racism and oppressive governments.

Under the guise of the club’s moderators, who were unaware, I could gain an unbiased recollection. Over the course of a year, I had the pleasure to observe, look, and listen in on high-level conversations with Black Bitcoin Billionaire members about bitcoin and build a collection of essays on specific social conditions people of color face while adopting Bitcoin and blockchain technology.

I was fresh off of reading We Were Eight Years in Power: An American Tragedy by Ta-Nehisi Coates which  inspired me to capture the movement Black Bitcoin Billionaire was fostering across the internet and social media about bitcoin. In honor of Black History Month, the original five articles I wrote that later turned into the book Stacking Sats is the New Black are free on Medium via my blog. Please feel free to read it; if you are intrigued, the book is available on Amazon here.


Stacking Sats is the New Black provides readers with an invaluable resource for utilizing blockchain technology to gain financial freedom. With in depth exploration into open source protocols and decentralized nature of crypto investments, readers from all experience levels are given access to a wealth of information to learn how to best invest in Bitcoin. This book also brings attention to success stories within the crypto space from African Americans who have weathered significant adversity towards reaching encrypted wealth.

Although Stacking Sats is specifically tailored towards marginalized communities worldwide who have been denied access to traditional banking services or investment opportunities, this book will help empower investors from any background. While the world economy undergoes fundamental shifts, those able and equipped with cutting-edge investment knowledge are not just more likely to protect their individual assets but excel in them. For readers inspired by the success stories and personal accounts featured in this book, you can further that journey by checking out Black Bitcoin Billionaires — the best Bitcoin club out there! Each day brings new opportunities; make sure you don’t miss out on yours!