The Blackout Conference:A Recap

The Blackout Conference:A Recap
Illustration by Ouch!

Conferences in the Bitcoin ecosystem have gone from small gatherings of plebs to huge events with sound festivals and world-renowned speakers worldwide. Black Bitcoin Billionaire, a club just under two years old, has a membership of over 100k and is meant to change the narrative by educating people on Bitcoin strictly from a 100% digital platform. Let's recap the highlights of The Blackout Conference during Labor Day weekend, where people finally got to meet some of the dopest Bitcoiners on the planet!

This conference is for those that dislike large crowds and are looking for more intimate Bitcoin conversations. For the first time, founders Isiah Jackson, Lamar Wilson, and his wife Cherise Wilson try their hand at a conference strictly for the culture to network and share the beauty of Bitcoin with the masses. This year's conference was held in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Queen City has a slight hometown feel but is an upcoming Bitcoin city to be reckoned with because it is home to the meetup space Bitcoin Charlotte and some well-known Bitcoiners like Bitcoin Zay and Bitcoin Vegan, to name a few.

Whether it was the Meet and Greet at the cocktail food lounge at 1501 Mint or connecting with folks at the Embassy Suites, the whole conference was a vibe from start to finish. The Blackout Conference had some powerhouse sponsor's in support like Fold, foundry, Bitcoin Magazine, and Greenidge Generation. A gamut of highly knowledgeable speakers, including Hill Harper, Jacob Parrish, The JumpOut Girls, Sinclair Skinner, Cleve Mesidor, Jamal James, Charlene Fadirepo, Bitcoin Vegan, plus much more, graced the stages and participated in panels.

The first day started at 1501 Mint for a meet and greet where people could connect with moderators from the Black Bitcoin Billionaire club to enjoy some of Charlotte's delicious delicacies like Perry's À la carte and those mouth-watering seafood sushi rolls. Good music and food are always great ways to get Bitcoiners talking and connecting. The next day started with an early orange pill session for newbies at the FREE Workshop, "Intro into Bitcoin," sponsored by Cash App on Friday, September 2nd, from 12:30-2 pm.

Anyone interested in Bitcoin could learn from the facilitators of Bitcoin Charlotte (Jacob Parrish-founder, Liz Parrish, Michael Marion, and Jhonny Delgado) and receive a brief history of Bitcoin, why it's essential, a tutorial on a wallet and $10 worth of Bitcoin. Black Bitcoin Billionaire started organically giving away Bitcoin on ClubHouse, and it has come full circle with CashApp on board to help the club continue to spread Bitcoin love in the form of freebies.

One lucky entrepreneur named CryptoZay, founder of Drone Cadets, made his pitch and won 20k worth of Bitcoin to help the youth break into this new technology. Thanks to all that voted, Drone Cadets is now powered by Bitcoin to make its mission statement a reality. Demo Day has been a theme with the club, and this one brought some of the best and brightest entrepreneurs in the Bitcoin ecosystem with the chance to win big!

The conference itself was nothing less than incredible. This club has moderators that could keep up with the likes of Max Keiser, Cathie Wood, or Micheal Saylor, but the dope part is Black Bitcoin Billionaires are run and operated by African Americans. A multitude of panels with unique topics like Women in Bitcoin, Bitcoin in Politics, Bitcoin in Africa, Bitcoin Communities, Bitcoin and Your Portfolio, and Fireside chat made the experience one of a kind. This was Black Bitcoin excellence at its finest, and it shows the demographic with the highest adoption rate in cryptocurrency has next in this industry.

Lastly, what can go digital will go digital, and money is no different. As a moderator and passionate Bitcoiner, so much was learned, and the connections at this conference will last a lifetime. Bitcoin is about removing the impoverished narrative and turning it into being empowered one. Lamar and Cherise Wilson are constantly setting the bar high. They have done an exceptional job at the helm of making this conference as valuable as it manifested to be for so many people.

Black Bitcoin Billionaire has a promising future as a club and conduit to create change and educate people on Bitcoin and Blockchain technology. I am honored to have been in the Black Bitcoin Billionaire Club's presence, which taught many people about bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrency technology. For many, bitcoin is hope. Through that hope, I witnessed the unfettered genius of people like never before. If you missed this event, the best thing you can do is be ready for the next one.