The Bitcoin Boom at Marcy Houses: A Transformative Initiative

The Bitcoin Boom at Marcy Houses: A Transformative Initiative
Artwork by @Dawdu

Something extraordinary took place in the summer of 2022 at Marcy Houses, a public housing complex located in the heart of Brooklyn, New York. The residents were met with an unexpected and exhilarating financial boost, all thanks to an innovative initiative brought forth by none other than The Bitcoin Academy. This groundbreaking program, a true testament to collaboration, brought together the influential hip-hop icon Jay-Z, the widely-used financial service known as CashApp, and the esteemed Bitcoin social club known as Black Bitcoin Billionaire. Not merely focused on redistributing wealth, this initiative also sought to empower the community and enlighten them about the world of cryptocurrency.

Black Bitcoin Billionaire is gaining momentum once again, as highlighted in the captivating Forbes article "Black Bitcoin Billionaires On Education As A Force For Change" This movement is empowering and educating people of color about the transformative potential of Bitcoin and its generational sovereignty. The club's founder Lamar Wilson, an instructor in the Academy connected with Jack Dorsey and developed a proposal for the program after Dorsey popped up in the audience of the educational " Genesis Block" Clubhouse room Black Bitcoin Billionaire hosts.

The $1000 Bitcoin Giveaway

The Bitcoin Academy's thrilling conclusion culminated in an extraordinary event. Attendees who joined as students, willingly participated in the program, and agreed to receive a grant were rewarded with an airdrop of approximately $1,000 in bitcoin. The airdrop was facilitated through various wallets like Cash App and self custody Muun Wallet. It's important to note that Jay and Dorsey personally funded this remarkable program and its momentous finale. However, intrigue unfolded when Jay-Z faced criticism regarding the academy's overall direction.

The feedback emphasized a desire to allocate funds towards refurbishing dilapidated basketball courts and assisting those in survival mode, rather than focusing solely on Bitcoin. It's evident that both Jay-Z and Lamar understand the weight of survivor's remorse, making this tale even more compelling.

Bitcoin is now experiencing a remarkable uptrend in price after the approval of 11 Bitcoin ETFs on the United States Stock Exchange. The increasing adoption of this cryptocurrency raises an intriguing question: Was Jay-Z, known for his business foresight, right about Bitcoin all along? Recently, Lamar Wilson took to X (Formerly known as Twitter) to remind the skeptics of the astonishing growth rate of Bitcoin over time. The $1000 gift of Bitcoin that the residents of Marcy received has exponentially multiplied, just as Lamar predicted, outperforming all bonds, ETF'S and a majority of stocks. And he has the statistics to prove it!

In just over a year and three months, the initial airdropped value of $1,000 in Bitcoin has skyrocketed to a staggering $2,213 by December 2023. And that's without even considering the potential impact of the upcoming halving in the spring of this year and the price fluctuations in Q1 2024! The halving event, reducing the production of Bitcoin through mining to a mere 3.125 coins, will add to the scarcity that drives its value. Imagine the future possibilities for those Marcy residents who hold onto their Bitcoin for the long term - the potential for even greater profitability is simply electrifying!

Empowering Through Education

Black Bitcoin Billionaire is unwavering in its mission, regardless of whether the price of Bitcoin skyrockets or plummets. With a focus on community education, this visionary platform aims to promote financial literacy and empowerment through the power of Bitcoin. Just as the saying goes, standing on the shoulders of giants allows for a broader perspective. BBB aims to be the giant, empowering the collective to grasp the paradigm shift brought by Bitcoin. Join us on this thrilling journey as we become the unrivaled Bitcoin Voice of the People.

Black Bitcoin Billionaire offers an exciting array of events and programs for individuals to enrich their knowledge and experience with bitcoin. One such initiative is the Genesis Block on Clubhouse, which takes place every Monday at 11 am EST. During this gathering, members collaborate, sharing insights on various subjects, from current blockchain trends to empowering the community with invaluable information on managing finances, with a special focus on Bitcoin.

In conclusion, learning about cryptocurrency and Bitcoin can seem a daunting task. Yet, Bitcoin continues to be one of the best performing assets in the world. Engaging with the resources provided by Black Bitcoin Billionaire is an excellent way to get started and gain a better understanding of crypto. Bitcoin represents freedom technology, empowering individuals to live life on their own terms. Price appreciation may be a hot topic, but the true essence of Bitcoin lies in the freedom it offers.We hope this has encouraged you to engage with BBB’s resources, and we look forward to you becoming an active member of this community. Remember, the bitcoin world is always evolving, and educating yourself is the key to navigate the market confidently.