TEN Reasons to Join us for the Black Bitcoin Billionaire Miami Weekend on June 4-6, 2021.

  1. You need a vacation.
  2. You get to meet the Black Bitcoin Billionaire Club Moderator Team. And yes, TMack will be in the building!
  3. The party soundtrack is going to be LIT.
  4. You will learn more about your favorite subject -- Bitcoin.
  5. It is still early in the summer —-so flight and hotel prices are still cheap.
  6. There might be a boat, a large beautiful house, & fruity beverages involved.
  7. You can wear your limited edition Black Bitcoin Billionaire Merchandise.
  8. You get to meet Lamar Wilson, the Founder of the Black Bitcoin Billionaire Club.
  9. You can party with the coolest Bitcoiners on the PLANET!
  10. It’s 2021 and COVID is not invited!

We have soooo many exciting events planned for our time in Miami. Book your flight and hotels NOW. Our RSVP site will be up very very soon. It’s gonna be a party ya’ll!