Satoshi Millionaire Payouts

Satoshi Millionaire Payouts

Hello Black Bitcoin Billionaire Members,

Many of you signed up for the Satoshi Millionaire Challenge.  Due to the amazing number of signups we've received, we are finally able to catch our breath and get caught up with distribution.  

Over the next few weeks, be on the look out for some Bitcoin in your Cash App from one of our ambassadors.  We made distributions earlier and many of the transactions expired due to members not accepting the coins.  Please be aware our Ambassadors are volunteers and are trying their hardest to distribute one at a time. If you get random satoshis in your cash app wallet, accept them, they are giving you something, not trying to take something away.

The greatest trait to keep in this process is Patience.  :). We are trying!

A huge thank you to Cash App, our moderators, and ambassadors for the opportunity to get Bitcoin into the hands of our community!  

Remember, the amount you receive is just a small start.  We encourage you to continue stacking satoshis to get to 1 million satoshis in the Future.

Thank you and be on the look out for more educational opportunities from Black Bitcoin Billionaire.

Lamar Wilson

Founder of Black Bitcoin Billionaire