Bitcoin 101 and Satoshi Millionaire Giveaway sponsored by Cash App

Bitcoin 101 and Satoshi Millionaire Giveaway sponsored by Cash App

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One of the greatest transfers of wealth in history is happening as I type.  We have entered the era of decentralization. The decentralization of money, financial assets, and financial systems that are leveling the playing field and providing all people with access to financial inclusion.  The revolution will not be televised, but it will be decentralized.

Black Bitcoin Billionaire has partnered with Cash App to get Bitcoin into the hands of black families.  Download the Cash App here. Using this button below you may be eligible for free $5.


Much love to Angela Yee, Stacey Tisdale and DJ Envy!

Satoshi Millionaire Giveaway

8 Amazing Black Bitcoin Billionaire Website Members will win 1,000,000 satoshis for their family *no purchase required

Satoshis are the smallest denomination of Bitcoin.  Black Bitcoin Billionaires, with the help of Cash App, would like to make 8 families, 1,000,000 satoshis wealthier. Signing up is easy!

Steps to Sign Up For the Satoshi Millionaire Giveaway:

  1. Join the Black Bitcoin Billionaire website:
  1. Download Cash App,  here.
  2. Create a Cash tag, i.e $henryearl
  3. Follow  fill out the form below (Must be a site member to see form)