Operation: Satoshi Millionaire

Operation: Satoshi Millionaire

One of the greatest transfers of wealth in history is happening as I type.  We have entered the era of decentralization. With the decentralization of money, financial assets, and financial systems that are leveling the playing field and providing all people with access to financial inclusion.  The revolution will not be televised, but it will be decentralized.

Black Bitcoin Billionaire is  heading up a campaign to on-ramp our people into Bitcoin and to encourage the accumulation of Bitcoin as an alternative to the traditional financial systems. These systems have historically and systemically oppressed black people throughout their existence. Bitcoin helps to change the landscape for black people.

Black Bitcoin Billionaire has partnered with Cash App to get Bitcoin into the hands of  black families.  Download the Cash App here.

Want to learn more about cryptocurrency?  Join over 1800+ students that have learned about crypto with this crypto-101 class (https://u.sunjoined.com/p/crypto-101), discounted for Black History Month.

Also to continue our celebration of Black History Month, Black Bitcoin Billionaire will be giving away other amazing gifts, all month.  But you have to join us for our energy backed schedule to win:

Feb 1 - Feb 5: BBB Schedule

Monday, Feb 8

10:00 am EST  - Gentlemen of Crypto,  Youtube

11:00 am EST - Genesis Block: LIVE, Clubhouse & Koinda

2:30 pm EST - Interview with the Founders of Black Dollar Network,  Koinda & Clubhouse

3:00 pm EST - Crypto Virgin Hour,  Clubhouse

Tuesday, Feb 9

10:00 am EST  - Gentlemen of Crypto,  Youtube

12:30 pm EST  - Bitcoin Basics for Baby Boomers, by Granny Crypto @crypto_llc
,  Clubhouse

3:00 pm EST - Crypto Virgin Hour,  Clubhouse

8:00 pm EST - Who wants to be a Satoshi Millionaire?, Clubhouse & Koinda

Wednesday, Feb 10

10:00 am EST  - Gentlemen of Crypto,  Youtube

3:00 pm EST - Crypto Virgin Hour,  Clubhouse

Thursday, Feb 11

10:00 am EST  - Gentlemen of Crypto,  Youtube

3:00 pm EST - Crypto Virgin Hour,  Clubhouse

9:00 pm EST - Who wants to be a Satoshi Millionaire?, Clubhouse & Koinda

Friday, Feb 12

10:00 am EST  - Gentlemen of Crypto,  Youtube

3:00 pm EST - Crypto Virgin Hour,  Clubhouse

The Mission

Date: Feb 1 - Feb 28, 2021, Black History Month


The campaign's objective is to educate Black Families about Bitcoin as a new asset class and the power of decentralization. We also will introduce them to channels to buy and store Bitcoin, and provide them with their initial Satoshis via a simple user friendly application, Cash App.  


Each black family we connect with will own at least 1 million Satoshis (the smallest denomination of a Bitcoin) by the end of Black History Month.

Why Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is an increasingly scarce digital asset with an unchangeable monetary policy. It's rate of inflation is currently under 2% and decreasing, ultimately to zero. Only 21million BTC will ever exist, with ~18.6million in existence today. It is fundamentally independent of the fiat money system, yet is a liquid, globally traded asset. BTC is convertible to over 150 national currencies 24/7, and can be self-stored or held with 3rd parties, including with qualified custodians. Bitcoin can be traded on venues ranging from peer-to-peer services, to large regulated US institutional brokerages and exchanges. - casebitcoin.com

Why Bitcoin for Black folks?

The Black Case for Bitcoin
We are in a moment. For the first time in history, Black Americans have direct access togenerational wealth without needing to rely on the permission of an incumbentauthority. Bitcoin and Black America are writing parallel stories, fated tocomplete the hero’s journey on its highest difficulty le…

Steps to get started with your first Bitcoins:

  1. Join the Black Bitcoin Billionaire website
  2. Follow the instructions on the Satoshi Millionaire Page here (access is only for members) :  
Operation: Satoshi Millionaire
Welcome to the Satoshi Millionaire Campaign page for members only. Would you like free Bitcoin? If yes, follow the steps below. Step 1: Fill Out Distribution Form Loading…Step 2: Download Cash App Step 3: Be Patient :) -------------------------------------------------------------------------…

Black Dollar Network

You are invited to join the Black Dollar Network https://share.mybdn.net/nEsScuPXYNfm2KUs5