Miami Takeover 2022 at Gitano: A Recap

Miami Takeover 2022 at Gitano: A Recap

Not to get religious, but for any bitcoiner attending the Bitcoin Conference in many ways is a pilgrimage you need to complete at least once in your Bitcoin journey. The expedition isn't necessary, but it doesn't hurt to have that accomplishment under your belt. This year, I completed my conference pilgrimage and something even more unique as a member of Black Bitcoin Billionaires that may catch on. The word black can mean many things to many people. For clarification, black being in the club's title does mean BBB subscribes to a superiority complex. This club is inclusive to everyone, regardless of race, color, or creed. Check out this recap of Black Bitcoin Billionaires taking over the Gitano.

Miami last week was action-packed and full of events by the top innovators and entrepreneurs in the bitcoin industry. The Black Bitcoin Billionaires added their flare to South Beach with the Bitbasel Miami TakeOver at Gitano. The whole event was a vibe with a beautiful, picturesque rooftop bar luxuriant with vegetation and tropical palms. Cherish greeted people at the door with a cheerful smile and a colorful kente dress. Walking through the dark recesses of the hotel was reminiscent of something right out of Chris Allsburg Jumanji. Once you reach the rooftop, the warm subtropical sunshine hits you, knowing this is the place to be.

I had a blast meeting many new faces, but I'm here to talk about the level of black excellence and networking at this event. The party got kick-started with Big Marh, Bitcoin Zay, and your favorite moderators you know and love from Black Bitcoin Billionaires for the Genesis Block -Miami Edition on Clubhouse. Meeting people like Big Marh and Bitcoin Zay is a monumental moment for the people their bitcoin education impacted, resulting in tons of hugs, handshakes, and smiles.

Genesis Block

Always thinking about the community first, Lamar allowed members of the club to join in on the fun, even for those that could not make it to Miami in person. The Genesis block is one of the more popular rooms for Black Bitcoin Billionaires via the clubhouse app, which drew hundreds of attendees online. Multiple moderators jumped into the room and conversed with the people. In my opinion, this Genesis Block was one for the books.

Tech Demo Days

Black Bitcoin Billionaires have given thousands of dollars away over the last year towards startups. These startups are driven by hungry entrepreneurs looking to pitch their business ideas, hoping to secure 20K in Bitcoin in front of a live audience. Several startups explained the ins and outs of their business model and the solutions they plan to bring to the bitcoin ecosystem. The judges, which consisted of a conglomerate of people, asked questions and made the hard decision to pick a winner.

Happy Hour with Bitcoin

The rooftop dance floor was surrounded by majesty palms adorned with a giant disco ball. The bar was jam-packed with people grabbing cocktails to dance, converse, and build on what's next for them in their bitcoin journey. Happy hour was an incredible, different pace and a much-needed escape from the hustle and bustle of the Bitcoin Conference. I got to see so many beautiful black faces in intimate conversations. At one point, Lamar started his version of the cha-cha slide-infused conga line dance that encouraged people to get up and move their feet. In true Black Bitcoin Billionaire fashion, we didn't want the party to end. Happy hour commenced well over the one-hour timeslot, but everyone enjoyed themselves and made lifelong connections.