Matchups Wins 2nd $20k Demo Day

Matchups Wins 2nd $20k Demo Day
Founder: Eddie A. Davis

On Wednesday, Black Bitcoin Billionaires hosted their second Demo Day awarding 20K to the winning pitch from three selected finalists (Matchups, Truth or Err, and PerceptForm). This was made possible through our proud partners Casa, Kraken, and Cash App. Same as our last installment, each team was provided roughly 10 minutes to pitch their business idea to BBB members Lamar Wilson, Ian Gaines, Charlene Fadirepo, and more, as well as experienced investors Brad Mills, Jay Gould, and special guest Cool Valley Mayor, Jayson Stewart. The pitches spanned global sports recruiting, to incentivizing student achievement on the blockchain. Attendance grew from 200 in our initial Demo day to 584 in our latest edition. Word is getting out.

The Winner?

Congratulations to Matchups

Founder: Eddie A. Davis

"Matchups" is creating an all-in-one ecosystem for every step in an athlete's journey. An app that links athletes with trainers and recruiters engaging all within a verifiable hub. An athlete who is seeking high-quality training and exposure can be matched with a virtual trainer and have his progress tracked and broadcasted on demand. Recruiters and coaches can follow the progress of athletes they are interested in and verify the results of their workout, games, and events through video clips and detailed reports. All athlete progression, attended events, and network connections are made public in real-time. Matchups is taking the dispersed nature of sports training and talent discovery and now consolidates all components into a singular verifiable ecosystem.

Best of Luck!

To learn more about Matchups you can find more here.


BBB is committed to creating wealth, career, and investment opportunities for communities previously overlooked and underappreciated. Last night was an absolute SUCCESS and exemplary of the brilliance that has always existed in our communities.

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