Free Chapter of Justin Rhedrick’s aka “BitcoinVegan” new Book!

Hot off the press, we are excited to share a free chapter of Justin Rhedrick's, new book, In an Ocean Filled With Sharks: Be The Orca. Read more about Justin and his inspiring story below.

Justin Rhedrick, bitcoin's best kept secret, has just been let out of the bag. Justin has been buying bitcoin since 2016, when it cost just $626. Two years after coming home from prison, Justin first discovered bitcoin. He was looking for work and trying to find his way as a new entrepreneur when his friend Isaiah introduced him to this powerful new currency. When bitcoin’s value skyrocketed to $20,000, Justin realized for the first time that bitcoin was a solid opportunity. He went on to work odd jobs around Charlotte in retail and even hard labor just to save up and purchase bitcoin.

At first, Justin used bitcoin as a savings account, life insurance and investment to grow himself and his business. Then when the price of bitcoin fell, Justin decided to invest in his personal growth. He wanted to transform himself into a better businessman and be more productive in the world, so he devoted himself to studying bitcoin. He learned the technical financial systems that make bitcoin what it is. He learned how to manage a budget and implement the processes needed to become a successful entrepreneur and high-achieving person. During those bear market years, Justin became a performance coach and learned how to help make people better versions of themselves.

In 2020, Justin launched his very first in-person course where he taught a group of women run by Sabrina Abraham of the Money Tribe real estate group. By the end of the year, the group had amassed more than $100,000 in bitcoin savings.

Since then, Justin has helped thousands of people around the world learn the true nature and power of bitcoin from appreciation to decentralization. Justin was also a part of the first one percent of the global population to buy bitcoin when it was valued less than $1,000. He’s since reached a 1,000 percent return on investment with his initial bitcoin buys. Now, he is looking to impact the world and change lives with the true power of bitcoin.

Check out the free chapter at the link below. Find out more about his courses at other work in the cryptospace at