Join Dr. Shalair's 5 Day Challenge (How to Participate)

Join Dr. Shalair's 5 Day Challenge (How to Participate)

Dr. Shalair is running a 5 Day Bitcoin challenge to help get any newcomer up to speed on what they need to know as a Bitcoin Newbie. Yes, 5 days with her and you will have the bitcoin basics down.

You will learn:

  1. How Bitcoin transactions work
  2. How to buy, sell and protect your bitcoin
  3. Best strategies to accumulate and build financial wealth
  4. How to protect yourself against scammers
  5. What best equipment and software to use

Here are the steps to get you started on this journey:

  1. Follow Dr. Shalair on Clubhouse (she post rooms weekly)…

2. Join "WakeUp with Bitcoin" & "Bitcoin Basics for Beginners" on Clubhouse

3. Attend Clubhouse rooms 5 Days in a row! (M-F 7 am)

4. Ask questions in her room or via the DM to show what you have learned. After 5 days can you answer the 5 bullet points in detail?

Challenge is on!