Inaugural $20k(in Bitcoin) Demo Day Roster is Announced!

Inaugural $20k(in Bitcoin) Demo Day Roster is Announced!
Photo by Teemu Paananen / Unsplash

The time has come for our first 20k Demo Day, brought to you by Platinum Supporter Kraken and Gold Supporter Cash App. We are so happy to finally for our $20K Demo Day Competition.  We have chosen three amazing companies to pitch their tech ideas to a panel of esteemed entrepreneurs, investors, and technologists.  They will pitch their companies for 7 minutes apiece, then there will be 3 minutes allotted for a Q&A session from the panel and some questions from the Clubhouse audience.  After the pitches and answers have been heard, the judges will deliberate and the crowd will vote for their favorite pitch, and a champion will be crowned! One company is going to walk away with $20K in Bitcoin!!!

When: Oct 20, 8:00 PM EST

Where: Clubhouse Mobile Application

The event link is here:

The Roster

BTC Impact!

Modified S9 Antminer/ASIC BTC miners specially modified for optimum mining of bitcoin in section 8 public housing apartments.

CLTR Direct

A nonprofit organization that provides visual artists and art/nonprofit organizations with business and lifestyle services.  Soon launching an NFT product


MetArena provides brands of all sizes (from local restaurants to Fortune 500 companies) with a turnkey solution to engage the gamers in their community. That solution includes an esports tournament platform with a curated catalog of games relevant to the brand, and a virtual gaming/esports course to help the brand's employee/customer gamers learn how to turn their passion for video games into a fulling career

Order of events:
8: Introductions and Competition Instructions

8:05:  First Pitch

8:12:  First Pitch Q&A

8:15:  Second Pitch

8:22: Second Pitch Q&A

8:25: Third Pitch

8:32: Third Pitch Q&A

8:35: Panel Deliberation, Panel Vote and Crowd Vote

8:45: Reading of results and crowning of the Champion

*Please allow for an hour, due to possible difficulties.  

Supported by:

Black Bitcoin Billionaires


Cash App

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