Tech Demo Days are back!

Our last Tech Demo Day was a success and we are excited to announce our next one!

If you are new to Black Bitcoin Billionaires then Tech Demo Days is a pitch competition that provides funding to tech companies. Black Bitcoin Billionaires will highlight some of the most innovative services and products from the Black community and support these businesses with exposure and Bitcoin.

After the pitches and answers have been heard, the judges will deliberate and the crowd will vote for their favorite pitch, and a champion will be crowned! One company is going to walk away with $20K in Bitcoin!!!

And special thanks to our sponsors-Kraken, Cash App, and Casa.

To be a part of the audience, follow below

When: Wednesday, Jan. 19th at 6PM EST

Where: Clubhouse Mobile Application

Order of events:
6: Introductions and Competition Instructions

6:05:  First Pitch

6:12:  First Pitch Q&A

6:15:  Second Pitch

6:22: Second Pitch Q&A

6:25: Third Pitch

6:32: Third Pitch Q&A

6:35: Panel Deliberation, Panel Vote and Crowd Vote

6:45: Reading of results and crowning of the Champion

*Please allow for an hour, due to possible difficulties.

Interested in supporting the next $20k Demo Day, email us at