Celebrating 100k Followers!

Black Bitcoin Billionaires surpassed 100k members and followers on Clubhouse within 6 MONTHS!

Celebrating 100k Followers!

Well we did it! Black Bitcoin Billionaires surpassed 100k members and followers on Clubhouse within 6 MONTHS! We look forward to providing you more value, support, and connections as we continue to be the OFFICIAL voice of the community.

What to look forward to from our moderators, and how you can support:

Lamar Wilson (The Godfather🧙🏾): Founder of Sunjoined, a hemp company created to provide all-natural CBD from a network of connected growers, support here. Host of the Genesis Block, Mondays at 11am EST on Clubhouse.

Isaiah Jackson (The General📙): Bitcoin and Black America 2nd Edition coming soon, pre order now. Hosting Coindesk TV's weekly flagship program "Community Crypto". Also, if weekly is not enough content for you, you can catch Zay and King Bless daily on "Gentlemen of Crypto" where they tackle the latest news happening in cryptocurrency today. Lastly, stay tune for The Bitcoin Classic Basketball tournament coming to a city near you!

Najah Roberts (The Matriarch👩🏾‍🏫): Najah is currently on a 34 city tour with The Black Wall Street, the Worlds First Black-Owned Digital Wallet. The Digital Financial Revolution Tour is teaching Black financial independence to our community as we shift towards a digitally ran economy. Owner of Crypto Blockchain Plug which is the first Black owned cryptocurrency exchange, in addition to offering educational services.

Erlene Miller (Granny Crypto🤶🏾): Generational wealth consultation at Granny Crypto LLC. Head of Bitcoin Basics for Baby Boomers Tuesdays at 12:30pm EST on Clubhouse. Subjoined Part Owner/ Distributor.

Fred Brandon👨🏾‍💼: Author of Adopting Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. Executive Director of Crypto Kids Camp, a non-profit organization offering fun and innovative educational opportunities in emerging technologies to youth during school breaks. Donate here. CEO and Founder of Brand New Technologies, helping small businesses with their content and business automation needs.

Shalair Armstrong (Doc👩🏾‍⚕️): Boston Based Doctor of Chiropractic, Cannabis Dispensary Partner, and owner of a International Retail business. Founder of “Let’s Grow Together...Talks on Generational Wealth”, where she travels to African countries connecting Africans on the continent, with Africans all over the Diaspora. Co-host of “Bitcoin Basics for Beginners”. M-F 6-8am EST.

Josh Kimbrow (The Plug 🔌): The ultimate BBB Plug! DM for information on BBB Merch, Crypto Kids Camp, and Sunjoined. Co-host of Bitcoin Basics for Baby Boomers on Tuesdays at 12:30pm EST Clubhouse. SMB Data Strategist and Accountant.

Charlene Fadirepo 💁🏾‍♀️:  Fintech Founder of Guidefi, a platform that connects POC with culturally competent financial experts in addition to wealth education. Co-Host of Teaching Bitcoin to the Babies on Clubhouse, Thursdays at 4pm.

Quavas Hart (Crypto Quavo🏎): Award winning Director and Film Maker. Stocks and trading expert. DM for services.

Ryan D Lawrence🏠: Cofounder of the Trading and Real Estate management company Elite Options Investments, LLC. Educator, Investor & Options Trader. DM for services.

CJ (The Smart Guy🧮): Certified CPA, for all things taxes, black empowerment and entrepreneurship advice follow this man! Host of ENTREPRNEUR. which is a podcast and brand that represents the relentless desire to own your work and profit accordingly.

BlackRegal 🕶: CEO of Black Regal Media LLC, The Regal Speak'n podcast, the upcoming Regal Liberation Course and Certified Personal Trainer. DM for services.

Michael Fioretti (Retti👨🏽‍💻): Software Developer and Blockchain Developer. Retti is currently looking for diverse talent in the blockchain space, post your resume/open positions here. DM if you need technical advice on your next blockchain project.

Ian Gaines (Nature 🌍🛸): Dat's me😘! Building BBB Media to a full-fledged platform, DM if you like to contribute to our mission in writing articles, videography/editing on Youtube, social media etc.

Subscribe to our Black Bitcoin Billionaire Youtube channel, we are starting a new series titled "The Nature of Sovereignty". This series teaches sovereign principles from crypto experts in our community who reflect your values. A place to learn what's important in the industry from people you can trust.

Starting a new Clubhouse room with Acentuari, Wednesdays at 6pm EST titled: "Millennials and Z's: Masterminding the Future". We will discuss collectively what type of future we want to live in, and what infrastructure is currently being built. Tell us what you are currently building to create our future, bring your ideas and expertise to the conversation!

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We started this group to provide you practical information aimed to help build generational wealth and financial independence in preparation of a new burgeoning  economic system. FREE OF CHARGE. And you guys have responded in kind.

Our hearts are full, and we will continue to build upon the mission. Thank you🙏🏾