Invitation: Black & Latino Crypto Capitol Hill Rally, April 4th, 2022

Invitation: Black & Latino Crypto Capitol Hill Rally, April 4th, 2022
Photo by ElevenPhotographs / Unsplash

We’re inviting you to join us for the Black & Latino Crypto Capitol Hill Rally at the Nation’s Capitol on April 4th.

Black and Latino investors on a percentage basis lead the nation in cryptocurrency adoption by double digits. Yet curiously we find ourselves resisting the inertia of becoming hidden figures even within a decentralized world. Washington officials, the blockchain industry, and media outlets still largely overlook the many success stories and contributions coming from communities that have the most to gain and provide to the industry. In order for a globally accessible protocol to realize its fullest potential and have its farthest reach, representatives across the entire spectrum must become decision-makers at the policy table. This realization prompted Nat’l Policy Network WOC Blockchain, Black Bitcoin Billionaires, Blockchain Latinx, Crypto for Black Economic Empowerment, Black People & Cryptocurrency, and Black Blockchain Summit to collaborate and express to our representatives how this industry is transforming the economic potential for our people and must remain open for innovation.

April 4th is a particularly important period for many reasons:

• Both US Senate and House will be in session

• Pending White House Executive Order on crypto

• Supreme Court nominee vote by April 8

• Focus will shift to midterm primary elections soon

Location: West Front of the US Capitol, Washington, D.C.

In addition, Black Bitcoin Billionaires will conduct interviews with attendees to address their specific representatives directly on why Bitcoin and Blockchain technology is important to us, and our vote. Supporting this industry and its openness is fast becoming a stance people of color are voting based upon during the midterm elections. Let’s make sure our representatives understand their constituency's needs. DM Natureofg for more information and involvement on messaging.

Although the protocol is agnostic, human beings are not. The right message also requires the proper “messengers” for any idea to be fully embraced.

Come share your message.

Join here:

Knowing your influence

Morning Consult polling research released that “45 percent of Democrats and 58 percent of Republicans didn’t know or had no opinion on the amount of cryptocurrency regulation” that should take place. Most congressional members have not formed a strong opinion or have been educated enough on the matter. And many others incorrectly believe it's merely a tool for criminals or the already wealthy,  and overlook the massive positive changes happening in everyday American lives. This presents an opportune moment for a disproportionately influential group to push the needle in cryptocurrency advocacy. Our visibility and representation in positions of power throughout the industry will be imperative to help combat the incoming FUD that frames cryptocurrency culture as elitist, self-righteous, and exclusionary. People of Color drive the cultural narrative for the country’s discourse and often are the demographics that swing elections. For example, 92% of Black voters casted their ballot for President Joe Biden in the 2020 election, if only 15% of Black voters decided to hold their vote for a candidate that met their specific demands, every election now and in the future would depend on those very few. The entire political landscape and candidate incentive structure would be redefined at once. Again, know your influence.

Generational wealth and financial stability now for the first time can be accessed without needing permission from the subjective and predatory whims of a legacy system that actively enforced barriers to our wealth. Candidates who care for the financial futures of their constituency, who acknowledge the historically inherited inequities based in the current system, should deeply consider how this new asset class is transforming the lives of those who they pledge to serve. Tangible change is happening through innovation alone, we are meeting in April to ensure progress will not be disturbed. Please join us.