She Doesn’t Want Me to Go to Bitcoin 2021 Conference

Yes, the largest bitcoin conference of the year is happening on June 4th - 5th in Miami at Mana Wynwood convention center. Find Black Bitcoin Billionaires 21% promo code on tickets below.

She Doesn’t Want Me to Go to Bitcoin 2021 Conference

🙅🏽‍♀️: I swear Francis, if you go to Bitcoin 2021 conference and miss my little sister’s “Sweet iOS 16 update”, you will never, I repeat never taste this titanium again. You hear me!

🧑🏾: My dear love, before you proceed with this no doubt graceful and well-intentioned argument, let me brief you on what’s in store. Yes, the largest bitcoin conference of the year is happening on June 4th - 5th in Miami at the Mana Wynwood convention center. Which I may add is an immaculate event space that spreads over 140,000 square feet. The conference is featuring a speaker list that continues to grow each day with representation from every corner of the industry. They will have advocates on a policy level in Senator Cynthia Lummis, Congressman Warren Davidson, and Miami’s Mayor Francis Suarez. Business leaders such as Michael Saylor, Jack Dorsey, and Chamath Palihapitiya, and even entertainment from Skateboard legend Tony Hawk, Comedian Tim Dillion, musical guests and many more. Not to mention there will be countless expos running throughout the event showcasing the latest in technical development, educational resources, and networking opportunities. Miami is calling!

👩🏽: Hm interesting, those are some very distinguished guest and community building activities. Now, are you sure there won’t be an After Party of any sort that’s filled with laughter, libations, and utter jubilee amongst like-minded individuals? I know that is customary with conferences like these. Perhaps there are a few details that you may have forgotten to mention while I’m right here beside you...

🤥: Well eh... I’m not COMPLETELY sure of all the EXACT details and fine print of that weekend...But any trip without YOU, is certainly a trip SOLEY for the purpose of intellectual and spiritual growth of course.

👩🏽: ...Likely.

🧑🏾: Wait actually, how could I forget! Whale Day is on June 3rd. That was the piece of information that must have slipped my mind, silly me. An all-day event to meet and network with top industry leaders in the Bitcoin space without interruption. A chance to have intimate discussions with institutional decision-makers over financial infrastructure, bitcoin mining, regulation, and be afforded  the opportunity to pitch service products to investors.

👩🏽: Whale Day!? According to THIS chart here, you are looking more like a Shrimp and Grits platter to me. What do you need to be around whales for?

🦐: First off, rude. But attendees can enjoy the premier kick-off reception and an all-access VIP networking lounge throughout the weekend.

👩🏽: Ok Mr. McShrimp Cocktail.

🧑🏾: I didn’t even get to the best part. Black Bitcoin Billionaires have teamed up with the good people at Bitcoin 2021 and will be providing a 21% discount on tickets if buyers use the promo code “BBB” at check out. In addition, the conference is running great deals with Official Hotel Partners to ease the cost.

👩🏽: BBB?

🧑🏾: Yes.

👩🏽: Are you speaking of THE official crypto voice for the people? The platform led by the Godfather Lamar Wilson, the Matriarch Najah Roberts, and the One-Man Army Isaiah Jackson?

🧑🏾: I believe so...

👩🏽: So you’re telling me the media enterprise that holds the largest Bitcoin membership on Clubhouse with over 36k members and counting. Featuring daily livestreams that answer technical, legal, and monetary questions from Bitcoin beginners, intermediates, and long-time HODLers. The welcoming hub that holds its flagship Genesis Block livestream every Monday at 11:00am EST, led by an expert panel advocating for self-sovereignty, fiscal responsibility, and community support as we progressively shift to a decentralized economy.*Deep breath*. That Black Bitcoin Billionaire group?

🧑🏾: Yes. you know all this?

👩🏽‍💻: Google is LITERALLY built-in my mainframe. But wow, looks like my little shrimp scampi is turning into Shrimp Zaddy, O-KAH!

🧑🏾: I'm not sure how to feel about that, but BBB will also run livestream events and interviews at the venue. I’m really looking forward to meeting some of them, I hear they're fun and approachable! So now you understand the gravity of attending this event. A chance to meet with Bitcoiners from all over the world, share ideas, and learn what’s happening at the forefront of this burgeoning ecosystem. In Bitcoin, many come for the money but ultimately stay for the movement. Let’s come to an agreement, even though I’m missing your sister’s iOS update this year I’ll make it up when I get back with plenty of gifts and souvenirs for you.

👩🏽: You? You who!? I don’t see any chocolate milk around here. I’m traveling with you and using that “BBB” promo code for 21% off, which is a steal! She’s a teenager, that girl will live. And I heard Mr. Dorsey’s fine self knows his way around a protocol or two.

👀: Excuse me?

💁🏽‍♀️: Oh nothing, I just can’t wait to bask in the Miami sun. Let’s get back to bed you must be tired, I still have 8% more charge left in me.

Illustrator: @Sickpencil