Bitcoin Tonight

Bitcoin Tonight

Two powerhouses in the bitcoin space will join forces on Twitter Spaces on Sunday nights. Lamar Wilson and Hill Harper engage in insightful conversation surrounding technology, Bitcoin education, and cryptocurrency entrepreneurship on Bitcoin Tonight. A slew of questions started to get exchanged between the two cohosts as people began to fill the room. The space at its height went for three hours and had 914 people tuned in with quite a few blue verified accounts in the audience listening. I found some of the topics quite engaging, and this article will give a quick breakdown of some conversations that I thought were impactful.

Bitcoin Price

The price of bitcoin has been a hot topic after so many year-end predictions didn't pan out as expected. Hill Harper quickly voiced he wants the price of bitcoin to continue to go down. That way, more people from disenfranchised communities can buy the dip and get bitcoin at a lower price. Lamar believes the price fluctuation is God's plan. There is no way to know where the bitcoin price will be within the next hour, next day, or year. Lamar stated if you understand bitcoin, you don't worry about the price. The price drop means it is on a massive discount. People requested to speak, and as soon as they got on stage, Harper quickly plugged his new application "The Black Wall Street," a perfect segue for newbies that had no idea how to purchase bitcoin or obtain a digital wallet.

Web 3.0

Twitter has been ablaze with Web3 talk since Jack Dorsey's grudge match tweet with Marc Andreessen. So many people are interested in Web3 due to the idea for a new iteration of the World Wide Web that incorporates decentralization based on blockchains. Lamar Wilson thinks Web3 will be more server-based. He states his belief that everyone will be running their servers on Web 3.0 like people currently use plebnet to run their bitcoin nodes. He disagrees with Moxie Marlinspike that people will not run their own servers. Lamar is a freedom maximalist first and foremost. He reiterated once you are dependent on someone for information, they can control you. Web3 is no different if it leans more towards centralization from venture capitalists while bitcoin moves towards decentralization.

Amazing women in Bitcoin

D++ jumped in the room and spoke about the bitcoin price going sideways as a time to exhale. Lay low and build while the price is down. She is looking forward to the asymmetry of UX. UX will simplify in bitcoin. Apple-level simplicity for Bitcoin so everyone can use it is what she plans for digital wallets and on-ramps soon. Charlene Fadirepo also joined Bitcoin Tonight, asking how we empower more women in the technology side of blockchain. She stated she is focusing on the regulatory side of Bitcoin. She plugged the new book Bitcoin and the American dream for politicians to understand better how bitcoin helps American families will be crucial as the asset grows.

Instant Satoshi Millionaire Contest

The best part of Bitcoin Tonight, in my opinion, was Lamar silencing everyone to announce that he wants to make someone an instant Satoshi millionaire. All that is required is to answer a bitcoin trivia question correctly. "In what year will the last bitcoin be mined?" was the question, although the contestant did not get the answer correct. Lamar still gave some free satoshi's out for a solid effort. Hill Harper broke down the dollar-cost averaging strategy for African Americans and why ownership percentage is essential. Bitcoin is segregated in a non-diversified way, and Hill Harper plans on changing that. He addresses the mistrust people of color have with investing and explains how bitcoin is different. If a billionaire's Bitcoin goes up, so does the person who bought $10 worth. Bitcoin levels the playing field, and wherever we play, when it's fair, we win! Bitcoin makes money fair.

Dawdu M. Amantanah