From Bars to Bitcoin: A New Hope for the Formerly Incarcerated

From Bars to Bitcoin: A New Hope for the Formerly Incarcerated

From Bars To Bitcoin is the story of Justin Rhedrick, a former convict who turned his life around and found success in the Bitcoin world. After serving a prison sentence for a home invasion, Rhedrick started with a new career path involving Bitcoin, redemption, and triumph. His mission is to bring awareness and education on the global Black community to bitcoin. Justin teamed up with Compass Mining to get his bitcoin journey to a broader audience beyond his best selling book. But just how successful has he been so far? Let’s take a look.

Rhedrick’s Story

Rhedrick’s passion for change began while he was still in prison, where he taught himself about self-sovereignty, boxing, and auto-didacticism. After his release, he quickly saw potential in the rapidly growing technology Bitcoin. He decided to take advantage of it by launching Vegan On The Go, dedicated to educating people on healthier food choices and the ability to pay for vegan meals with bitcoin.

Today, Rhedrick is highly regarded as one of the most influential figures in the blockchain industry. He currently runs two companies — From Bars To Bitcoin and Overcome All Adversity Coaching — focusing on connecting people to resources that help them safely understand and use digital money. He is also very active in rehabilitating ex-convicts looking for employment, training, and coaching.

Onboarding The Black Community To Bitcoin

In addition to running his companies and creating resources for those interested in Bitcoin, Rhedrick is also passionate about onboarding members of the global Black community into the crypto world. In particular, he has been working hard to educate ex-offenders about blockchain technology so they can begin using it as soon as they are released from prison — hopefully providing them with more opportunities they might otherwise have had access to before incarceration.

This caught The Bitcoin Academy’s attention, allowing Justin to teach underserved members of New York City’s Marcy Housing Complex. Justin has been featured on Coin desk, Yahoo Finance, and Vice news just to name a few.

This initiative has been met with great enthusiasm by many members of the crypto community, who applaud Rhedrick’s efforts toward helping others find success through digital currency trading and investing. His work has even earned him accolades from high-profile figures such as Jack Dorsey and Lamar Wilson, who both praised him for raising awareness about blockchain technology among minority communities.


Justin Rhedrick’s story shows us that there is hope for those who have served time in prison. Through hard work and dedication, he turned his life around. He created a successful business based on bitcoin and investments — all while bringing awareness of blockchain technology to underserved communities across the globe. It’s no wonder why many consider him an inspiration! If you want to learn more about Justin or support his cause, you can visit, check out his short documentary or follow him on social media, where he regularly updates his projects!