Big Marh Connects with The Bitcoin Source

Big Marh Connects with The Bitcoin Source

The Bitcoin Source highlights conversing with a diverse audience of people that understand why Bitcoin should be an investment opportunity. So it was only suitable to have Lamar on the show, and he delivered infinite game on Bitcoin people needed to hear as expected.

We will discuss Lamar Wilson connecting with The Bitcoin Source podcast on debunking the myth that Black Bitcoin Billionaire is solely for African Americans, dealing with online Bitcoin trolls, and connecting with Jack Dorsey and Jay-Z on The Bitcoin Academy to teach Bitcoin to underserved communities.

Inclusive For Everyone

Contrary to popular belief, the Black Bitcoin Billionaires club is not just for African Americans. This line may seem repetitive but it is about the narrative. Narratives are important because they detail the past but also sculpt the future. While the club is run and operated by African Americans, it has opened its doors to people of all backgrounds and races interested in learning about and investing in Bitcoin.

This inclusion of people from all walks of life is one of the things that sets Black Bitcoin Billionaires apart from other cryptocurrency clubs and organizations. During my interview with Lamar he made it a point to state no matter your skin color or background, if you want to learn how to get involved in Bitcoin and digital currency, this is the place for you.

Dealing With Trolling “Bitcoin Yellow Belt Maxi’s” Online

Another thing that sets Black Bitcoin Billionaires apart from other groups is our no-nonsense attitude regarding trolls and “yellow belt maxis.” A “maxi” by definition is a belief amongst cryptocurrency advocates that Bitcoin is the only true digital asset, now or in the future, and that all other coins are inferior, distractions, or scams. In the world of cryptocurrency, many self-proclaimed yellow belt maxi's can let their evangelism get ahead of humility and true experience of the protocol.

At Black Bitcoin Billionaire, we have zero tolerance for these types of people. We believe that everybody has a right to their own opinion, but when somebody starts spewing misinformation or trying to scam others, that’s where we draw the line. We make it our mission to call out them so that nobody gets taken advantage of. All the moderators do their best to control trolling and inappropriate behavior which is why Black Bitcoin Billionaire is the go to place to learn Bitcoin from newbies to experts in the field.

Bitcoin is a form of currency that offers freedom, anonymity and immunity from government interference. Big Marh doesn't like being labeled so he prefers promoting the freedom benefits provided by Bitcoin over its drawbacks - sometimes this means having to clarify what "maximalism" really means in an interview or on social media where people might jump onto bandwagons without understanding all aspects related with it first hand but Lamar cleared up any confusion once you get him talking about tech!

Connecting With Jack Dorsey And Jay-Z On The Bitcoin Academy

Last but not least, during the podcast episode I asked Lamar his experience connecting some of the biggest names in both the business world and the music industry having connected with the club to continue educating the disenfranchised. We had the honor of having Jack Dorsey (CEO of Twitter) and Jay-Z (one of the most successful rappers in history) formulate, The Bitcoin Academy. Lamar Wilson (founder of Black Bitcoin Billionaire), Ryan D. Lawrence ("the key to social justice is economic justice"), Najah Roberts, writer and comic Corey Marshall, Justin Rhedrick (Bitcoin Vegan) and Charles J. Kelly (aka “CJ the Smart Guy”)  were instructors  of the academy teaching about Bitcoin, how it works, why you should care, and how to build your own financial future.

This was a massive coup for us and further solidified our reputation as one of the leading voices in cryptocurrency education. If you’re interested in learning more about what we do or how we can help you start investing in digital currency, be sure to check us out!

BlackBitcoinBillionaire has done a fantastic job at dispelling myths, delivering education rapaciously, and, most importantly, keeping their community fed with accurate information. People can find the podcast episode here if you want to check out the full interview. Big shoutout to Lamar Wilson and the whole Black Bitcoin Billionaire crew for continuing to teach our community the benefits of financial literacy, unity and Bitcoin.