Ahead of the Crypto Curve: Week 1

Ahead of the Crypto Curve: Week 1
Left to Right (Dominique Diprima, Tavis Smiley, Najah Roberts)

They say Najah Roberts is the Harriet Tubman of crypto, and I feel she is more like the oracle of crypto adoption cause every time I hear her speak on generational wealth and bitcoin, I think I can bend spoons. She is a great entrepreneur and has way more financial prophecy to drop for our community. When African Americans adopt cryptocurrency freeing yourself from poverty becomes amplified without conversion and education. Like in any cultural paradigm shift, you have respected people in the community that assist those in need.

Najah Roberts, Chief Visionary Officer of Crypto Blockchain Plug, unbeknownst to many, builds that bridge to help plug her community into accessing cryptocurrency education. I doubt you will see kids bending spoons at her business, but you will see them learning how to navigate ASIC miners and NFT’s. She brings a sense of leadership and education with many programs like crypto kids camp, co-workspaces, buying and selling bitcoin, and making Silicon hoods. These services cumulate the great things she is doing for communities of people that typically get left behind in the generational wealth race.

She understands the psychology of African American financial plight solely because she lived it. She has been there and done that, from the heights of successful careers in finance to the lows of poverty and mass incarceration. Recently, Tavis Smiley has welcomed Najah Roberts to KBLA Talk 1580 in every sense of the word, consequential for African Americans adopting digital assets like bitcoin. Najah hosts “Ahead of the Crypto Curve” live on the radio, not to be confused with her podcast of the same name.

9 AM to 12 noon PST each Friday during January 2022, look for the charismatic Najah on the radio waves. The syndicated radio show intends to create the synergy between economics, crypto technology, and financial education through Najah’s expertise on various topics keeping the audience ahead of the crypto curve. Black Bitcoin Billionaires are entirely on board, with many moderators congratulating Najah on her debut while educating the masses that this phase of crypto adoption is only the beginning of a more significant investment macrocosm.

Najah has laid the foundation for the next four weeks on Tavis Smiley’s time slot. Week one was full of informative info on how she started investing in Bitcoin and what led her to become so passionate about fixing the wealth gap. Education is vital, and this is a perfect example of leveling the playing field for all people that want to understand blockchain, bitcoin, and cryptocurrency. To show support, please download KBLA Talk 1580 application to tune into Ahead of the Crypto Curve on the go. In week two, Najah will discuss alt-coins and more depth aspects of cryptocurrency. Stay tuned.

For those that missed the live radio show please feel free to tune in here: https://kbla1580.com/podcast-ahead-of-the-crypto-curve/

Dawdu M. Amantanah