Ahead of the Crypto Curve: Week 4

Ahead of the Crypto Curve: Week 4

KBLA Talk 1580 has done an excellent service to the community by adding Najah Roberts to their roster to teach the diaspora on staying “Ahead of the Crypto Curve.” Bitcoin is changing the narrative of money for all people, but African Americans have a unique place in its adoption. Like it or not, we are the pulse of the culture from fashion, music, sports, entertainment, and much more. Now we may finally get our fair shake in generational wealth. Bitcoin may not be a cure-all, but it levels the playing field of saving and harnessing wealth.

Odell Beckham Jr. was the start of Najah’s conversation and the new fad of athletes taking their salary in Bitcoin. Due to the plunge of Bitcoin’s price lately, she reminded her listeners that if he holds his digital asset over the long term, Odell will ride out volatility and amass him a great return on investment. A well-known moderator in the Black Bitcoin Billionaire space, Ryan Lawrence, called into the radio station to speak on Beckham’s decision on Bitcoin as a part of his salary. “Longer term, bitcoin has been proven objectively to be the best performing asset over the last decade. Again that is not a solicitation to buy or sell bitcoin. It’s not about price, but the protocol, and that is where the power lies.”

The second hour of the show was all about kids future in technology. Najah highlighted getting on board with NBA and NFL sports teams to accelerate children’s knowledge of technology and financial literacy while building a camp’s leaders, innovators, and creators for a decentralized future. Crypto Kids Camp, an organization created by Najah Roberts, is set to change the narrative that African American children lack S.T.E.M and S.T.E.A.M skills. Najah Roberts stated the camp’s inception was due to the world of science and tech education; most public schools fail to keep up with the lightning-fast pace of technological innovation.

Charles J. Kelly, also known as “CJ the Smart Guy,” is a certified public accountant called in to educate the masses on cryptocurrency taxes. This showcases the brilliance of Najah’s reach; with those in the know, CJ is well versed on taxes. CJ broke down some of the misnomers the 1099 IRS tax form can bring and exactly what are taxable events when you buy, sell, or trade cryptocurrency. He is a great resource, and anyone that needs a competent tax accountant in the cryptocurrency space should reach out to him expeditiously.

Ending off a four-week trial run of the show has paid off for Najah. She shared with her audience that due to overwhelming support and interest in the knowledge she brings. “Ahead of the Crypto Curve” received an additional four more weeks of airtime for February. This news is exciting and self-fulling for Najah and the Black Bitcoin Billionaires who put in selfless effort to educate African Americans on cryptocurrency investing and education. To hear more, check out episode #4 as we continue to stay ahead of the crypto curve.

For those that missed the live radio show, please feel free to tune in here: https://kbla1580.com/podcast-ahead-of-the-crypto-curve/

Dawdu M. Amantanah