Ahead of the Crypto Curve: Week 3

Ahead of the Crypto Curve: Week 3

The show “Ahead of the Crypto Curve” started coming off on the heels of Martin Luther King, Jr. day earlier in the week. Najah Roberts kicked off week three on the KBLA airwaves with a quote from the late great civil rights leader. “There is nothing new about poverty. What is new is that we now have the techniques and the resources to get rid of poverty. The real question is whether we have the will” This quote has been circulating through the tea leaves on black bitcoin Twitter, podcasts, and clubs like Black & Bullish and Black Bitcoin Billionaires. Why? The quote has sparked the question that Martin, if alive today, would be a bitcoiner which ironically correlates with a new technique to get rid of poverty like the quote he stated many decades ago.

Najah had a few guests on like Ryan Lawrence and Fredrick Barber, plus much more. Ryan broke down the difference between DodgeCoin and Bitcoin. The utility is critical, and DodgeCoin doesn’t seem to have any. Fredrick articulated on using discipline and due diligence while buying in a market rife with a proliferation of new digital coins. This week consisted of researching alternative currencies in response to Dr. George Fraser’s harrowing revelation with a cryptocurrency exchange. Najah did an effortless job converting naysayers by stating 2022 is the year to stack Bitcoin as much as possible. A lot of building blocks needed to educate yourself on crypto was the show’s vibe throughout. Bitcoin is not a get-rich-quick solution but a not get poor slow answer. Some people of color fall into scams and rug pulls because they focus on quick money instead of long-term financial education.

The dangers of mining pools like BitClub Network, receiving rewards, and the solutions mining and understanding the equipment can do for the African American community were pretty interesting. Najah speaks on not being fooled at the transparency of positive gains in cryptocurrency mining. Najah stated, “There are a lot of mining pools that are not legal in the United States,” which can cause you to lose your money, so be very careful in the mining space. Vetting is vital in cryptocurrency mining, especially for African Americans, and Najah explains to the audience how to do so with special guest Kimberly Booker co-founder of BTC Impact a nonprofit organization teaching historically black colleges and universities on mining. Kimberly debunked the bitcoin energy debate where banks use more energy to run their ATMs than the bitcoin mining industry. To hear more, check out episode #3 as we continue to stay ahead of the crypto curve.

For those that missed the live radio show, please feel free to tune in here: https://kbla1580.com/podcast-ahead-of-the-crypto-curve/

Dawdu M. Amantanah