Ahead of the Crypto Curve: Week 2

Ahead of the Crypto Curve: Week 2

Week two of “Ahead of the Crypto Curve” came with nothing less than spectacular fashion. Najah Roberts started the show energized and passionate, introducing the African American community to cryptocurrency. The session was jam-packed with special guests like Tavonia Evans, Hill Harper, and Dr. George Fraser. Najah talks about the significance altcoins or alternative coins have for investors and how to protect yourself from buying a coin that may have no value in the end. Digital wallets and cryptocurrency exchanges are big business and remaining informed on what they are, why you need them, and some pitfalls not to fall into while utilizing some exchanges was the topic of conversation.

Najah explained alternative coins are any other cryptocurrency that isn’t bitcoin. An ex self-proclaimed coinaholic Najah jokingly labeled herself. We all know introducing cryptocurrencies to people of color has been Mrs. Roberts’ wheelhouse for many years, so hearing her on the radio brings everything full circle. All cryptocurrency coins are not created equal. Bitcoin is the oldest and most secure of these purported digitized assets. In this crypto game, it is quality over quantity. Owning the newest meme coin that you believe goes 100x usually ends in a rug pull or a taxable event. Education is so vital while navigating the world of digital currencies.

Tavonia Evans, the founder of GuapCoin, called in and dropped gems on African Americans owning their blockchain technology within the creative process of money. GuapCoin allows people of color to monetize their social capital into digital currency instead of outsourcing it somewhere else. “It has to identify with us, off the bat, and it has to identify with money. Guap means royal money or just good money,” states Tavonia. Guapcoin is an alternative to Bitcoin, aiming to provide value in communities, not a part of the financial status quo.

Hill Harper, per usual, came with the heat in regards to the TheBlackWallStreet application. In the world of digital wallets, financial literacy is critical. Harper wants to make sure the space understands BlackCashMatters in conjunction with Bitcoin accumulation. The black dollar is mighty, and many industries use this to their advantage. Compounding the gravity of the situation regarding black dollar circulation, the actor explained there was a lack of black-owned non-white-labeled digital wallets for us until now.

The Black Wall Street app aims to be the digital continuation of the physical Greenwood district, most noted as the Black Wall Street. Dr. George Fraser joined as a guest and shared some pitfalls on storing your bitcoin on an exchange where you don’t own the private keys. No keys, no coin is the phrase Najah used throughout the conversation. To see more, check out episode #2 as we continue to stay ahead of the crypto curve.

For those that missed the live radio show, please feel free to tune in here: https://kbla1580.com/podcast-ahead-of-the-crypto-curve/

Dawdu M. Amantanah