A Time For Change: Crypto

A Time For Change: Crypto

Charlene Fadirepo, the founder of GuideFi, which connects women and people of color with financial advisors, is a Black Bitcoin Billionaire moderator that exemplifies what black excellence in the cryptocurrency space looks like was featured on Yahoo!Finance. Fadirepo eloquently elucidated on bitcoin’s vital role in communities of color, women’s presence in the larger cryptocurrency culture, and promoting financial practices for better education on wealth through the use of books.

2021 was a breakout year for bitcoin, and regulatory clarity may increase for 2022. Lamar Wilson, Charlene Fadirepo, along with many others, released “Bitcoin and the American Dream: The New Monetary Technology Transcending Our Political Divide the book hopes to use bitcoin as an alternative financial tool to make elected leaders, lawmakers, community, policy advocates and the misinformed aware of the digital asset fulfilling the American Dream.

Women of color are the fastest group of entrepreneurs in the country, and there is still a huge gap of information for that demographic. Hopefully, Bitcoin and education can join forces to quell some of the misnomers and FUD surrounding digital assets. During the Yahoo interview, Charlene highlighted her new book “Sade’s Satoshis.” which aims to bring bitcoin to young African Americans, especially girls.

Lastly, Charlene finalizes the interview with her mission for equitable appreciation in bitcoin. Bitcoin is the top item on that list because early adopters win, and they win big. African Americans have few options left to change the direction of generational wealth outside of bitcoin. A sense of urgency is needed to adopt the asset, but proper education is mandatory so disenfranchised communities can avoid the current financial system’s pitfalls and barriers.

Dawdu M. Amantanah